Saturday, September 30, 2006

Google maps on your phone

Google has released its own version of Google Maps for J2ME, giving the oportunity to access the world's maps through any MIDP-compliant device, such as Java-enabled mobile phones.

The application's download is only available through its WAP website in directly to the mobile phone, but it is free.

The downside of the application is the amount of GPRS traffic caused by the intensive downloading of the maps' tiles to the mobile phone. My first try of the application was just a quick browsing of the area surrounding my home and I ended up downloading 500Kb+ of data in just a few seconds.
Also, no GPS support is available in the application.

But every once in a while it may be useful to have installed on your mobile phone just in case you need to check some directions or have a look at some maps.


  • Mobile GMaps - A free application to access Google Maps on your mobile phone with GPS Support (License: Free for non comercial use)
  • J2ME Map - Also free, this application gives access to Google Maps on your mobile phone with GPS Support (License: Free and open-source - contact author)

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