Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Google maps wants you to swim

Are you wondering what's the cheapest way to go from OPorto (Portugal) to New York (United States of America)? Well, why not use Google Maps and "ask for directions"?

After clicking the "Get Directions" section in the Google Maps site, write "Oporto" to "New York" on the source and destination. On the left side of the search results, notice step 51.

Source: João Bordalo

Digital frames for your living room

That's right, digital frames are here to stay. Why keep using the same old picture frame with the same old still picture if you can now have your very own wooden-finished digital frame featuring a slideshow of your last vacation's photos, over the sound of your favourite MP3s?

If you're curious about the specifications of this gadget:

  • 15 inch wide (38 cm)
  • 1024 x 768 resolution
  • 256MB of internal memory
  • built-in USB port
  • MPEG1/4, AVI, and MP3 playback support
  • integrated stereo speakers
  • ability to play nice with SD, xD, MSPro, MSDuo, CF, and MMC flash cards
All and all, it looks like a pretty good item for the living room and the announced price of $299 (220€) sounds really fair for a gadget with such good specs.

Source: Engadget

iPhone cases, already??

Ok, so the iPhone won't get out until June 2007... but some people want to get ready for the big hype surrounding the iPhone accessories.

So, industrious Chinese manufacturers are already churning out iPhone cases. The interesting thing is that they did all of this without any help from Apple and armed only with the official specs and some photographs.

Now, all they're missing are the real iPhones :-)

From: Engadget

Good-looking USB gadgets

Yes, I've asked this before: what's more to come in the world of USB? Well, it looks like the surprises will never seize.

Check out these new USB gadgets: that rice-tomato thingy is the hub while the other courses pack 1GB of flash memory.

It makes you wonder: why would you even want a burger-shaped (or fried shrimp-like) USB flash "stick"? I don't know, but my appetite is rising for a mid-morning snack.

I'll be right back! :-)

From: Engadget