Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Save energy with Google's new goth search engine: Blackle

Since a scientist reported that white backgrounds on computer screens use more energy than a black background, people have been searching for the goth within and have changed to darker (and scarier) looking backgrounds on their computer screens.

Being Google a new aficionado of the environmental measures to save on energy consumption, it has created Blackle, the "dark" twin of Google Search Engine. The idea is simple: Blackle is exactly the same as Google (allowing you to perform the well-known searches in milliseconds) but with a black background and gray foreground.

Since Google is one of the most visited websites on the planet (if not the very top one), if everyone would use this clone, imagine the energy that we could save :-)


Célia Jordão Alves said...

Olá António! Estás bom?

Muito interessante esta ideia! Vou experimentar e publicitar.

Paul said...

Unfortunately, it only saves energy if you're using an old-school CRT monitor. New LCD's, who's backlights are always on, don't receive any energy savings from a black screen. In fact, it may even take more energy to display black over an LCD screen.