Friday, September 28, 2007

See, I told you so...

I wouldn't like to say I told you so, but here's another reason why was telling you shouldn't unlock your iphone: to update the iPhone to firmware version 1.1.1 you'll need to reactivate the iPhone with an original AT&T SIM card.

Basically, this means for all those who were so eager to unlock the iPhone and did so by cancelling their subscription with AT&T and using the AnySIM unlocking software, now have the most beautiful brick in the market.

But hope is not lost, I bet the iPhoneSIMFree guys will find a solution for that update as well, so you can use your brick to phone home real soon.


Célia Jordão Alves said...

Que mauzinho que tu és... :-)

Eu não tenho dessas modernices de iPhones. Mas também não sou adepta de piratarias e trafulhices. Acho que no fim saimos sempre a perder e sou tamém da opinião de que o que usamos deve ser pago.

Carlos Serrao said...

this any software attempt to unlock the iPhone is easily breakable by any update from Apple.
I bet you'll need something a litle more robust, such as some kind of hardware unlocking.
And believe me, you can't pass without the Apple iPhone updates - they solve a lot of missing issues and add new functionalities to your "ibrick".