Monday, February 18, 2008

Stuff's predictions for 2008

Engadget posted on the new gadget from Sony Ericsson that is supposed to run PSP games. They did this based on a scan from the Portuguese version of the Stuff magazine. What they didn't know was that this was a part of a "predictions" article for the new year from Stuff (on the January 2008 issue). Which basically means that the gadgets presented on the article are not real. Instead these are merely wild guests from Stuff's editors based on the evolution of gadget's market. They even used the expression "probability of existence" to denote the probability of these gadgets ever seeing the light of day.

So, being a Stuff subscriber, I decided to read the article again and present here some of those interesting gadgets that Stuff thinks will come up on 2008 (the given percentage is the probability of existence):

  • Asus EcoBook - a wood-based (bambu) laptop from Asus (95%)
  • iPhone 3G - the 3G version of the Apple touch phone (60%)
  • Sony Play TV - Tivo-like service for the PS3 (87%)
  • Multi-mouse Apple - mighty mouse with multi-touch technology (62%)
  • Casio Hi-Speed - a digital camera capable of capturing 60 (6 Megapixel) pictures per second (84%)
  • GPS 3D - GPS devices with 3D satellite/airplane photo maps (100% - a Portuguese company already released a product with this technology)
  • Your music follows you - a small robot that follows you around the house playing your music (which is accessed from your PC through WiFi) (89%)
  • GPS cameras - digital cameras equipped with a GPS sensor to help geo-tag your photos (66%)
  • Apple Macbook Nano - A (iPhone-like) multi-touch tablet MacBook with a Blu-Ray recorder (64%)
And for more, check out Stuff magazine :-)

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