Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A car that runs on water

A Japanese company has developed a car that runs only on water and air. Why isn't something like this shown on every newscast in the world? Doesn't this represent a step further to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels? Check the following video for details:

Source: TugaTrónica (Portuguese - check an English source here)


Pinheiro said...

Lavoisier said that nothing is lost nothing is on everything is transformed.

and Einstine said E=mc²

To prove Einstine you usually need something simple like a decaing material like uranium or fusion like hydrogen.
were you lose mass and get energy in return, All known energies sources we use come from some source of mass loss, directly or indirectly.

Now unless I ham very mistaken the reaction between oxygen and hydrogen that produces water delivers energy, to release hydrogen from the water you have to provide energy, comes to exactly the same amount you get back wen the react, see Lavoisier :)

unless he invented a portable cold fusion reactor (very hard to belive) this story is completely fake!

António Lopes said...

Thanks for the physics explanation :-)

In fact, it is very strange why nothing's said about the process that extracts the hydrogen from water.

Maybe it's not a fake, maybe it's just misleading :-)

Pinheiro said...

Yeah there is a chace that inside that litle box there is some sort of pruduct that reacts with water to free hdrogen...
But wen that product ends you will need to put more into it..
There are loads of products like that. but they all are chemical reactions wen they run out you need to put more in...
the fundamental problem reamins
you need energie and the only source for it is mater E=mc²
any and I meen any source of power in this planet comes from the sun or from the iner nuclear reactor inside the core of the planet, oo and nuclear power plants.