Monday, January 12, 2009

Heal a broken bone in just some minutes instead of months

If you've ever broken a bone you know how much it sucks. And the worst part is not the braking part, it's the difficult and lengthy recovery process, which may take somewhere between a few weeks up to a few months depending on the bone and gravity of the injury.

To try and fix this hassle, a U.K. company, called RegenTec, has created a white powder that is designed to be injected into a person in order to speed up the healing process of broken bones. Of course, people won't be able to get out of the Hospital running right after an injury, but the idea is to at least improve the healing process so as to avoid a long recovery period and help the body grow the "new bone" faster.

For the more curious ones, the "injectable bone" is a mix of ceramic and polylactic acid. On the outside, it looks like white powder. When injected into the body with a needle, the higher temperature inside causes the two components to mix together to form a hard, spongy mass similar to bones in the body.

Source: InventorSpot

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Luís Miguel Silva said...

Hmm...sticking a big needle in a sore bone? Hmm...i think i'll pass! ;o) heheheh