Friday, February 13, 2009

How using Microsoft Outlook can ruin your birthday cake

There are some bakeries that allow you to send personalized messages, to be placed in your birthday cake, by e-mail. A lady in NY found this idea very appealing and ordered a birthday cake over email. But as it turned out, the result was not the expected:

The problem seems to be have been caused by the fact that she used Microsoft Outlook to send her email but Wegman’s email system failed to recognize the proprietary HTML tags of Outlook and caused this oddly-looking cake.

But the funniest part is the explanation of the bakery's employee: "we just cut and paste from the email to the program we use for printing the edible images, we are usually in such a hurry that we really don’t have time to check. and if we do the customers yell at us for bothering them."

Source: Digital Inspiration


Luís Silva said...


Alexandre Mendonça said...

The problem doesn't seem to be in Outlook as the supposed "proprietary tags" are in fact valid HTML comments... the problem was Wegman’s client.. maybe Thunderbird?

Still, it's a nice cake! ;)

Alex said...

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