Tuesday, June 26, 2007

People in line for the iPhone...yeah, already!

Three days to go, and already there are 3 guys in line in Apple's Manhattan store waiting for the opportunity to buy the first iPhone.

#1 and #2 are doing it for the real thing: to own an iPhone. But that hasn't stop them from blogging the all thing.

#3 doesn't actually want the iPhone. He's planning to buy the iPhone and then sell it and donate the proceeds to the Taproot Foundation. He also decided to blog the whole thing.

All 3 "campers" are accepting donations, say, for food and their honorable goals (in case of #3's). But accepting donations for being in line for $600 cell phone, isn't it a little bit weird?

The early iPhone queuers, as well as the others who will inevitably be joining them over the next few days, will have to deal with some challenging weather conditions: blistering heat as well as some thunderstorms that are predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday.

But, hey...what a heck? Anything for a brand new iPhone, right? :-)

Source: CNET

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