Friday, November 23, 2007

The blind spot

We all have the so called "blindspot", an area in our field of vision that it's not processed by our brain. So, any element that is positioned in that specific area will appear invisible to our brain.

Don't believe me? Take the test then.
Cover your left eye with your hand and look at the star. Then slowly approach the screen while keeping your eye focused on the star. Don't look at the ball. As you approach the screen, you'll notice that there's a specific point where the ball will no longer be visible to you.

The all test and explanation is available here.


mete-te á porta said...

The blindspot is the place where the optic nerve passes through, not a place that's not processed by the brain. Actually, that spot is filled by the brain with surrounding information so we cant actually notice it.

António Lopes said...

Thanks for the correction :-)