Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Geek stuff

There are geeks all over the world and they all have weird ideas. But sometimes, some of those ideas can actually be very funny or useful.

Check out this experience which uses the sound of sparks coming from tesla coils to play the Super Mario Bros. theme song:

And what about this guy, which decided to create a "Minority Report"-like interface by using the infrared capabilities of the Nintendo Wii controller?

Not to brag myself, but I still think that my GELToC solution is far more simple and elegant :-)

By using two led torches and a webcam, I was able to create an application that processes the light sources (from a dark background) and maps them into mouse control movements, which in turn are converted into Google Earth control movements, giving the illusion that you are controlling the World map with just a pair of tiny lights.

Check out a demo video:

GELToC is an open source application and you can obtain more information on it here.

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