Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The new most ridiculous/genius gadget in the world

In this past summer I suggested that the plastic popper gadget was the most ridiculous/genius gadget of all times.

However, I've found this new gadget that can seriously face off the competition: the Foot Mouse.

If you think that the number of buttons on your mouse are not enough and are limiting your potential to do great things on your computer, then the Foot Mouse is for you.

In the words of the creators, the benefits are:

- Speed up computer workflow in designing, editing, etc

- Hands-free computing and online surfing

- Enable people to multitask simultaneously

- Avoid repetitive hand/eye movement between hand-controlled input devices

- Much easier and faster shortcut entry (Multi-key finger control is replaced by 1-button foot control. Plus, no more eye/hand movement!)

- Reduce hand/wrist stress and help prevent/heal carpal tunnel syndrome or other injuries

- Keep clean/dirty hands off keyboard/hand mouse

- Give video gamers more "hands" to fight

- Offload hand work, outsmart hand mouse, outpace keyboard in shortcut entry

- A foot mouse with brain can boost your gain and kill your pain! It saves time and hands!

1 comment:

Luís Silva said...

"- Avoid repetitive hand/eye movement between hand-controlled input devices"

It probably should read "replace repetitive hand/eye" with "foot/eye" which is far less productive!