Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Apple has done it again

UPDATE: you can see the full Steve Jobs keynote here.

The rumors were close and Steve Jobs finally presented the news on the Apple world (while the keynote movie is not available at Apple's site, you can read it at Engadget):

  • There's in fact a new notebook, MacBook Air, the thinnest notebook ever (watch guided tour here)
  • 1,6 or 1,8 GHz Core 2 Duo CPU, 2 GB memory, 13,3'' LED-backlit screen
  • Multi-touch trackpad that allows performing iPhone-like operations
  • No optical drive, but a nice wireless feature (Remote Disc) that allows connecting to nearby computers' optical drives

And a lot of other new products were announced:
  • Movie rentals service on iTunes (UPDATE: already hacked)
  • New price for Apple TV and software updates
  • A wireless Time Machine-enabled hard drive: Time Capsule
Apple has done it again :-)


A. said...

"Apple has done it" or maybe not...
check out the ZDnet second look on MacAir: http://blogs.zdnet.com/hardware/?p=1163&tag=nl.e539

I confess I was quite impressed at first, but that proven to be true, the MacAir doesn't seem to me more than an incremented word processor and spreadsheet :-S your iPod has more disk. And a built in battery, now isn't that charming...

António Lopes said...

I don't see it that way. I think this is a new concept of computer, that will probably only be understood in a few years: the ultra-portable and wireless computer.

Sure, you don't have an optical drive. But nowadays you don't use a drive that much, do you? Almost all software is "downloadable" from the web. Backups can be done to external drives.

Sure, you only have one USB port. But if even the backup drives are becoming wireless, why do you need so many ports anyway?

Sure, it doesn't have an ethernet port. But if the point of the notebook is to be ultra-portable, then why invest on a "fixed" technology.

Sure, it doesn't have a removable battery. Every innovative small laptop has to make some compromises. And a removable battery is overrated. On my lifetime of "gadgetery" I only had to buy a new battery for a cellphone once.

In conclusion, I won't buy a Macbook Air. That's right, "won't"... but only because it doesn't meet my needs: I don't need a portable computer, I need a powerful computer to work on a desk.

But if I ever turn into a technological travel salesman, I'll sure buy the Macbook Air :-)