Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Strange gadget of the day: the e-cigarette

The debate about "smoking in public places" has never been so strong as in the last few days. Well, it has been at least here in Portugal where the new law refrains people from smoking in almost all public places.

To avoid having to feel excluded from some places (since you have to go outside to have a smoke), some folks have actually tried to quit smoking. But everybody knows how hard it can be.

Well, some Chinese people decided to help these folks and invented the E-Cigarette:

"The E-cigarette looks, and in many cases, acts just like a normal cigarette without delivering the harmful toxins and other carcogins in the cigarette. To ensure smokers don’t become addicted to the E-cigarette a measurement device is included in the dispenser which monitors the number of time the cigarette is ’smoked’ and gradually limits the amount of nicotine dispensed. The cigarette tip will flicker if the device is used more than 16 times in a minute, indicating to the smoker that they should stop using the device. With each cartridge delivering the same nicotine as a 30 pack of cigarettes this economical product is sure to become a popular item for those looking to kick the habit."
Source: Gadget News

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