Wednesday, February 07, 2007

How to "really" diagnose and optimize your Windows XP?

You see a all lot of tips around promising the miraculous ultimate performance enhancer for your Windows XP, right? However, some of those "fixs" and "registry editors" not only do not improve the performance of your computer, they can really decrease the overall performance of Windows.
So, tired of testing some (unsuccessful) hacking on my Windows XP, I decided to do some real searching on the fundamentals behind some of these tips.

On my search I came across this website, which seems very complete and provides some good justifications for all of the proposed hackings. I tried out some of the advices and, for the first time ever, I really noticed a difference in my computer.

Not only it provides good information on some hacking that you can do on Windows, it also gives you some useful tips on free protection software, XP Myths and even cheats for the Windows games :-)


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