Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Water-proof MP3 Players

Who said you can't use your MP3 player on the bath or when you go out for a swim? SwimMan's new version of the iPod Shuffle (image on the left) allows you to use it anywhere in the water up to 10 feet (more or less 3 meters). You can even wear it in the shower, assuming you can find something to clip it to.

But if you're more of a swimmer and you don't like to have things clipped somewhere, you can always try to use the Century's Dolphin water-proof MP3 Player (image on the right).

Inside, the Dolphin packs 1GB of flash, USB 2.0, and support for MP3/WMA playback off 8-hour battery. Looks aside, at ¥12,800 (about $107 or 81€) -- which includes a pair of unusually decent looking waterproof headphones -- it'll save you a healthy chunk-o-change compared to the $250 (190€) SwimMan's iPod Shuffle.

Source and photos: Engadget

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