Monday, February 26, 2007

The Scandinavian China?

Apparently, Norway is in process of creating an Internet censorship plan similar to the one that currently exists in China.

ISPs would be responsible for blocking various sites that the government didn't like -- including foreign gambling sites (government monopoly on gambling would be protected), any sites that offer unauthorized downloads, sites that are seen as "desecrating the Flag or Coat of Arms of a foreign nation," sites "promoting hatred towards public authorities, racism and hate speech" and "Sites offering pornography that may cause offence."

This raises quite a lot of questions: are political blogs seen as promoting hatred towards public authorities? Do all pornography websites offend everybody or just a few people? Aren't people entitled to have access to all the information that they desire?

Luckily for the Norwegian, this law proposal doesn't seem to be supported by the majority of the government, so it probably won't be accepted.

From: Techdirt

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