Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Don't throw away your broken gadgets

Remember when I posted about using your broken iPods to earn some money? All you had to do was sell your broken iPod to the guys at Since they make use of the individual internal components, even if your iPod had a broken screen, it still would be worth some money. Basically they're able to make money by taking the working parts from some devices and using them to fix others.

Well, it seems that business is going well for them and now they've expanded their business from iPods to other broken and used electronics. They accept over 1000 gadgets, including cellphones, multimedia players (like the Zune) and gaming consoles (from Nintendo Wii to the original Playstation).

Since they no longer accept only iPods, a change in the name (and URL) was needed. The new website is at So, go look for that old cellphone or MP3 player because it may still worth some good bucks.

Image Source: cult of mac

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