Thursday, May 29, 2008

Google is great, but what the hell is "cloud computing"?

In the past few years, the trendy term "cloud computing" has been used to denote a certain level of abstraction in the development of a large-scale system. Whenever you don't want to specify a certain part of that system, you call it "could computing". Google has been one of the main "users" of this term and one of its great examples is the recently launched Google App Engine. Basically, you can run your applications on this engine and everything (from scalability to robustness issues) will be managed by it. You don't know the details (hence, "cloud computing") but that's exactly the point of the thing: not to know.

But what happens if you ask the specialists about "cloud computing"? Will they know how to answer it? Is there only one answer? Check out the video below that may (or may not) provide some answers on it:

Source: CNET

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