Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Top 10 most creative ways of playing the Super Mario Bros. Theme

I've been a fan of the Super Mario Bros theme ever since I started playing the game when I was a little boy. It's one of those tunes that once you get inside of your head, it's difficult to get it out... but in a good way :-) And it seems that I'm not the only fan, since it only takes you a little search around the web to find highly-creative fans playing the game's theme song in the most oddly ways.

To honour the game and its great theme song, here's my top ten list of the most creative ways of playing the Super Mario Brothers theme:

First of all an Honourable mention - Doing it With a Ruler - Well, this one is not actually well played but kudos for the imagination:

#10 - With Your Hands - This one does not produce the best sound but you've got to give it credit for this unique talent:

#9 - On a Church Organ - Not the best version but you cannot help to feel the chills when you listen to the them being played in a church organ. Well, it just gives that Phantom of the Opera feeling that always creeps me out:

#8 - Tuba Duet at a Bathroom - Simple, well played and creative enough to enter the list

#7 - Blowing on Bottles - Very slow, but you have to admire the perseverance and co-ordination between all the "musicians"

#6 - Using a Remote Controlled Car - This video was actually the one that started all of this. After seeing this I thought: "Ok, I've seen it all"

#5 - With a Drum Solo - This one is just a drum solo that accompanies the theme song, but you've got to agree that it's quite amazing:

#4 - Beatboxing Flute - Quite original and a whole lot better than if it was just played in a flute:

#3 - A Capella - No matter what people say, A Capella always brings a special touch to tunes, and this version is not an exception:

#2 - As a Broadway Musical Theme - This is an absolutely amazing adaptation of the theme, featuring cabaret-like sounds and melodic entries that give the tune a really special touch:

#1 - Two Guitars and Just One Guitarist - My personal favourite featuring a very talented guitarist that uses two guitars to perfectly reproduce the theme song. I also play guitar and I can easily understand how difficult it is to co-ordinate the two hands to do something like this:

Keep in mind that this is only my personal top 10. It may not reflect other fans' opinions. But I would like to ear about your opinions. Want to help me build the top 20 list? Suggest other videos on the comments!


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