Wednesday, October 08, 2008

On-line games for when you have some free time (Updated)

Here's some simple, yet fun on-line games that you can play when you have some free time:

White Jigsaw - A puzzle-based game but with an extra challenge: all pieces are white :-)

Pound Ice Walls - This one is too fun and addicting. All you have to do is click at the right time to blow up the ice walls.

Where's the cat - A simple shell game with a cat. The first levels are a joke but try play the last one.

Pointer - Guide your mouse through mazes without touching any boundaries or obstacles. Really addictive...

Levers - Try to keep it balanced using the available weights

Keys & Doors - Find the key and open the door. It's that simple...or is it?

Mass Attack - Create new weights and try to keep the scales balanced

UPDATE: added more games to the list

Bow Man - Hit the other guy with your bow and arrow

Amorphous+ - Slash those green balls

Accordion Hero - Do you think Guitar Hero is too rocky? Try this more popular approach...

Light Bot - This is more of a learning platform for early-programmers, but it's always fun.

Bike Mania - Looks easy but it's not. Keep going through those obstacles...

Crush 2 - Addicting escape game. All you have to do is keep the ball safe from getting crushed against the closing walls.

Jam Legend - Ok, Accordion Hero was just a joke. This one's the real thing. If you're a Guitar Hero junkie then Jam Legend is your fix. It's invite only and I only have two left (leave a comment if you want one) but once you're there, I guarantee you hours of fun and addiction.

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