Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The new Bond's theme music

After hearing so many people talking about how amazing the new Bond movie's theme music is, I decided to have a look at it. And indeed, the music is quite amazing. The combination Jack White/Alicia Keys didn't seem obvious when I first heard of it, but after hearing the tune, it makes you wonder why these two haven't worked together before.

You can check it out at the official website. Or you can see the video here (but the quality at the official website is better):


A. said...

I just *have* to comment on this.
As a Bond fan (the kind that gets the fan newsletter and goes to premieres and has all the films ever made - including one not released in cinemas) I must say that as "good" this song may be, it's not a Bond Theme. I'm terribly disappointed!

"You know my name", "Goldeneye" and even "The world is not enough" are recent songs that have that extra "hunff" that one expects in a James Bond flick. The "killer instinct", the perceivable lyrics, something in the beat that just lets you know that "he" has arrived.

There is none of this in this song.

Mind I don't mean to say the song is bad. It's just not suited to the occasion.

In my list, it's just joined the "worst Bond songs" list, along side with "Tomorrow never dies" :P

A. said...

oh I forgot to mention in the "unconventional but still with the feeling" songs, Madonna's "die another day". ;-)