Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CD2Web: potential law suit?

Who hasn't created a CD with a fancy presentation of your organization/project and then placed some hyperlinks to web sites or on-line documents? Every company or organization has done it and apparently, now is the time to face the "charges".

Remember Acacia? It's the patent hoarder that buys up random questionable patents and then sues lots and lots of companies. The latest is about to get a lot more attention. It's officially a patent for an information distribution system, but which Acacia claims actually covers having a hyperlink on a CD-ROM that links to a database, such as the web.

Acacia has a subsidiary, called Disc Link, who is "monetizing" this patent by suing a ton of software companies, such as Oracle, SAP, Borland, Business Objects, Compuware, Corel, Eastman Kodak and Novell among others. Considering how many companies distribute CD-ROMs with links to the web, you can imagine how many companies can now be sued.

From: Techdirt

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