Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Must-have Free Apps for Ubuntu Users

If you're on to the trend of using the new Ubuntu distribution, then these set of free apps (tip from Free Geekery) might be quite useful for you:

  • AllTray - dock any application without a native tray icon
  • amarok - music player that was built specifically for the Unix/Linux user
  • Automatix2 - create a way to install other apps like Skype, Picasa and Google Earth with ease
  • Beagle - search tool that basically "ransacks" your personal information space to find what you have stored there
  • Beryl - provides the new user with an interface that can closely mimic the Vista interface
  • CheckGMail - checks a Gmail account for new mail
  • Cinlerra - provides users with the ability to capture, composite, and edit audio and video with sample level accuracy
  • Deluge Torrent - BitTorrent client
  • Flash - a Flash player for Ubuntu Feisty
  • Gimp - photo retouching, image composition, and image authoring
  • Gnomebaker - burn your music and videos to CD or DVD
  • KMyMoney - open source personal finance software app
  • MythTV - allows you to turn your desktop into a full-fledged media center/DVR with capabilities to pause, fast-forward, rewind and capture any live television program
  • Opera 9 - Internet browser
  • Scribes - text editor that works with the Gnome desktop
  • Thunderbird - e-mail client
  • VLC - media player

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