Wednesday, May 02, 2007

VirtuSphere: the new platform for immersing in virtual reality

VirtuSphere is a new idea for creating virtual reality fully-accessible worlds without the limitations of a room with obstacles.

On their own words:
The VirtuSphere platform consists of a large hollow sphere that sits on top of a base and allows the sphere to rotate 360 degrees. Wearing a wireless, head-mounted display, users can step inside the sphere to fully interact in immersive virtual environments. The VirtuSphere enables 6 degrees of freedom – one can move in any direction; walk, jump, roll, crawl, run over virtually unlimited distances without encountering real-world physical obstacles.

So, it's easy to perceive the advantages of such technology and how/where it can be used:

  • Military, law enforcement, dangerous occupations – safe training, simulation and mission rehearsal
  • Health, exercise, sport – fitness clubs; bridge between classical and cyber games
  • Entertainment market
  • Education, museums
  • Architecture, construction, real-estate – site model walk-troughs
  • Virtual travel and tourism
  • Home gaming and exercise
Source: VirtuSphere

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