Friday, July 04, 2008

A different kind of alarm clocks

Let's face it, even if you are able to work from your bed, you still have to be awake to actually do your work. And to make sure that you have a nice day, you have to choose your alarm clock right. So, have a look at these different kinds of alarm clocks, some more efficient than others:

DangerBomb - To disable the alarm, you must reconnect the red, yellow, and blue cables in the correct order. Fail your mission and suffer the annoyance of a mocked audible explosion. Genius.

Lexon's On-Off - this alarm clock can have its alarm activated by tilting it into the on position, and the alarm can be turned off by (dahh) tilting the clock to the off position.

Smell Alarm clock - this is an alarm clock which wakes you up via smells. Not sure if it's really that efficient. Well, maybe it will if the produced smell is somehow similar to the sweet smell of fresh-baked pancakes with caramel syrup.

Pull-handle alarm clock concept - To set the alarm you simply pull the cord on the bottom of the unit until the numbers on the LCD screen reflect the time you wish to get up. The cord then slowly retracts into the clock as your awakening approaches, until it reaches the end and the alarm sounds. The alarm can be turned off by tapping in the LCD screen.

Helicopter-inspired alarm clock - this alarm clock blasts the chopper into the air whenever you're supposed to awake, and unless you get up, catch the flying object, and place it back into the clock, that awful noise will simply not cease.

Axbo Alarm clock - this alarm clock communicates wirelessly with a wristband that basically keeps track of your movements throughout the night. You set a window during which it can wake you, and it waits for the right moment within that space.

Air sack alarm - this alarm clock uses a compressor, hose and inflatable cushion to make your bed so uncomfortable that you won't have any choice but to get up. Once the alarm is triggered, the cushion inflates and deflates at seven-second intervals.

Clocky alarm clock - this alarm clock will run through the house once the alarm is off and it won't stop until you catch it :-)

Check a video of this alarm clock:


Célia Jordão Alves said...

Muito fixe! :-) Mas acho que não escolhia nenhum... deixem-me dormir se faz favor. ;-)

joselinadam said...

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Anonymous said...

Ever so grateful!!!! Thanks a bunch! It's amazing that this simple tip is not mentioned anywhere...