Thursday, July 10, 2008

Internet ramblings

There's nothing like having a blog to write your own ramblings and thoughts on the Internet for everyone to see. I guess it's part of Human nature to try and be heard by other people and there's definitely people that always have something to say.

But what if you just need to say something and let it loose out there for someone to see, even if it doesn't make absolutely any sense? You may not want to create a blog just for that, right? Luckily, there's always a website out there ready for your needs.

Write Something - how about participating in an "endless senseless collaborative book"?

WriteSomething lets anyone write whatever you want in a giant collaborative rambling initiative in an attempt to produce a book of thoughts of people from all around the Internet. And you're invited :-)

Interactive Fridge Magnets - creating small sentences using fridge magnets has never been so dificult.

This multiplayer interactive fridge magnets website allows any user to try and write a sentence using the words available in the "fridge". The problem is that everyone can use the same words at the same time, so it might be difficult to finish that sentence when someone else is stealing your letters ;-)

Have you confessed? - your on-line confession...for everyone to see!

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