Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just don't click it!

Whether it is by researching for new interface technologies or modifying everyday devices to operate in a new environment, we have to consider that there may be other ways of interacting with a computer. Pointing and clicking has become a very common task in our everyday use with a computer. But if we want to improve the way we interact with machines and increase our productivity, we have to start thinking outside the box.

Don't Click ItDontClick.it is a website dedicated to explore a new interactive experience which doesn't require any clicking with a mouse. Using different types of mouse movements and events, the website is as fluent as if we were moving it with our own hands. It's amazing how something that is so different than our normal interactivity with computers can be so intuitive and familiar.

After a few minutes within the website, I started feeling that every interaction with my computer should be like this. Give a try...it's guaranteed that you'll like it :-)

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