Friday, September 12, 2008

In case everything goes wrong, LHC has Gordon Freeman

As you might have heard, CERN has created the Large Hadron Collider, the largest science device ever built with the intention of understanding some of the most fundamentals aspects of the origins of our Universe. The science experiment had its first try on September 10th, but the real thing will be fired up in a month from now.

Criticized for not offering any guaranties as to the safety of this kind of experiment, CERN decided to take immediate action and deployed a well-known fail-safe system: hiring Gordon Freeman.

This is still under a whole lot of secrecy but I was able to retrieve a photo that proves that Gordon Freeman is already on location, supervising the whole thing, just in case the experiment creates a wormhole into another dimension in which huge, ugly, slimy extra-terrestrial beings jump through with the intention of dominating Earth:

UPDATE: as a reader pointed out in a comment to this post, if Gordon Freeman is there, then G-Man is probably there too... And in fact I digged a little deeper in my secret archives and found this image that proves that G-Man is also among the scientists in the LHC:

(It helps to be a Half-life fan to understand this post) :-)


Pedro Cavaco said...

Mas que genial, lol, afinal ele existe! entao e o G-man?

António Lopes said...

Lê o post de novo :-)