Friday, November 17, 2006

Add tweaks with Google Desktop

Google Desktop is not only a local-search tool. The new version Google Desktop 4.5 adds tweaks and cosmetic changes to the popular desktop tool, including a sexier Sidebar and compatibility with the latest software.

Google's words on it:

The new Sidebar is transparent, so it fits seamlessly with your desktop environment. Gadgets that fought for attention now look right at home, and content-heavy gadgets get new frames and icons that make it easier to tell them apart. And this version is compatible with all of the latest software, including Microsoft Vista, Office 2007, and Mozilla Firefox 2.0.
However, since I first installed I can't let go the feeling that the CPU and memory are spiking just a little bit too often for my taste.

Anyway, the feeling of control over the desktop, including iTunes playing control, computer resources monitoring, e-mail and photo preview and even a mini notebook where you can just write down some important draft ideas, are an overall satisfaction. And the list of available gadgets is quite diverse.

Homepage: Google Desktop
From: LifeHacker

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