Monday, November 27, 2006

A screen made of fog and much more!

Just got back last week from the IST2006 in Helsinki and I've seen quite some interesting new technologies that may just revolutionize the way we interact with machines.

Check out this Fog Screen technology:

And how about this never ending screen?

This never-ending screen was produced by a set of sequential projectors that were placed in a way such you wouldn't be able to detect where the image of one projector ends and the other begins.

Imagine playing an "in-your-face" game with this kind of screen: enemies everywhere, real action everywhere, 360º view of your environment :-)

I was there to present an innovative emergency assistance technology built on top of the CASCOM infrastructure.

This kind of application allows a user in an emergency (with chest pain, for example) to request for assistance with the medical emergency services by using only a data connection on his/her mobile phone.

By automatically sending relevant data (location-based information, symptoms and personal information such as social security number), the application helps improving the way the emergency assistance system addresses all the requests that are received.

By using this information, the emergency services can allocate the mission to the nearest ambulance and send the received data and also collect more relevant data of the user (such as past medical information), thus improving the action taken by the ambulance physician.

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