Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Not using your pre-installed windows? Get your refund...

Freelance programmer Dave Mitchell bought a Dell laptop on October and since he was planning to run the Linux open source operating system on the machine, he had no need for the copy of Windows XP Home that had been pre-installed in the machine.

When he started it for the first time, he clicked the box that said "Do not agree" on the Windows license agreement that asked him to agree to its terms. The text of this agreement states users can get a refund for the "unused products" on their new computer if they get in touch with the machine's manufacturer.

And that's exactly what he did. Mitchell contacted Dell and asked for a refund for not using the pre-installed version of the Windows Home Edition. Surprisingly, Mitchell received an affirmative answer just two days from his request. The total refund was for £55.23 (around 80€/$105), which Mitchell took to be the value of a pre-installed version of Windows XP Home.

Even more surprisingly, Dell has not asked for the installation disc to be returned :-)

How about if we all do the same?

From: BBC News

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