Monday, November 27, 2006

Keen on putting one of those fingerprint locks at your place? Wait up...they're not so secure!

The guys from "Mythbusters" discovered, not only one, but three ways of picking one of these "never-broken" fingerprints locks.

The first two might be difficult to implement as they don't involve simple materials and techniques. But the third one....PLEASE!! A photocopy and a little bit of saliva???

How can you trust this technology now? :-)

Well, alternatives are on their way: finger vein scanners!

These kind of lockers, which instead of scanning fingerprints, scan vein structures in the user's hand/finger, don't actually need to make contact with the hand.

You place your fingertips on the reader, and presto, the door unlocks, assuming your veins match its stored list of 10 authorized patterns.

Source and photos: Engadget post 1, post 2

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