Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fading windows with Jedi Concentrate

I found this app and I think it is very interesting. It is simple to use and it allows fading all windows on screen except for the currently active one.

This enables a higher concentration on a specific window for when you need that extra concentration on work :-)

Download, unzip, launch the executable and once the icon appears near the clock, it's loaded. From now on, just click F12 and all windows (except for the currently active one) fade to the background.

The app is highly customizable, however it appears that somehow this application influences the accentuation in the keyboard, which is very "nagging" for me when I have to write Portuguese ;-)
Also, the application doesn't appear to work accross multiple expanding desktops.

Homepage: An App A Day


  • Ghoster 1.1 - does practically the same but less customizable
  • Compiz - more advanced windows manager but for Linux

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