Friday, October 27, 2006

Internet Explorer 7: my experience...

I've just installed the last version of Internet Explorer and I'm not totally convinced. What does it offer that Firefox doesn't offer in previously (over one year ago) versions?

Ok, it is fast and secure...but so is Firefox 2.0.
Ok, it has Feeds reading support...but so had Firefox 1.1.
Ok, it has Tabbed browsing... but so had all Firefox versions.

It totally follows Firefox, but it's never quite there. Here's an example on why Microsoft will never please the users:

While installing IE7 I got this screen telling me that it was (already) downloading updates before installing the web browser.
What kind of installer needs updates??? If there are (already) updates to be made, why not create a new installer that already includes the updates?

Another thing: this screen was shown for about 20 minutes and as you can see, no button to cancel, exit, minimize or anything else (and if you look closer, even the close button is gray - unusable). And all I had was a stupid blue marker going back and forth in the slide bar, without giving me any real notion of the progress of this procedure.

After installing it, I also had to (re)install some plug-ins, and update the internet settings.

This kind of attitude by Microsoft is just completely ridiculous and will always piss off users for providing such a poor service. Specially, when the alternatives are so good and easy to use.

I installed Firefox 2.0, here's my experience: setup last 2 minutes, no updates were installed, all my settings/plug-ins/bookmarks/everything was kept and the browser is running perfectly.

What else can I say?

If you're still want to try it yourself, click here.

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