Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You can change Windows Vista 10 times, after all!

Microsoft stepped back on its decision of allowing only "one time" transfer of the Windows Vista License. As up to now, Microsoft would only allow you to re-install Windows Vista once. But now, Microsoft has changed the EULA and apparently you will be able to re-activate Windows Vista 10 times.

Even though this may seem a "good-will" attitude from Microsoft, I can't help feeling a little bit deceived on their marketing techniques:

  • Ok, so first they limit our possibility of transferring the license from one computer to another. This would pose quite a problem once you decided to change some major piece of hardware in your computer (for example, the HD). What would then happen if you decided to add a new motherboard? Forget about it...Windows Vista would detect that and would "decide" that you would have to buy a new license.
  • Now, they give us 10 pseudo-licenses. And you start thinking: "Ah, much better! This way I can change my computer the way I want. 10 times should be enough". That's exactly the point: it might not be enough! I have countlessly re-installed Windows XP on my computer in the last years.
People shouldn't even feel grateful for Microsoft allowing to change the computer 10 times. It shouldn't even be limited at all. But I guess Microsoft doesn't have enough money. They need to impose this kind of licenses to earn a little bit more.

Source: Peopleware (Portuguese)

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