Monday, October 22, 2007

Cellphones on a plane

While U.S. citizens are getting arrested for using cellphones on "flight mode" during flights, Europe is getting closer to allowing in-flight cellphone use, as EU regulators are recommending a new proposal for mounting sattelite-linked cells on passenger compartments of airplanes.

This will allow for passengers to have access to at least SMS services while in a flight without interfering with the airplane's electrical instruments. Initially, the system will only support 2G connections but if successful, it can later be upgraded to 3G.

Of course, this still has a long way to go, since airlines have to be willing to implement such systems, individual countries have to approve these new regulations and we have to hope that the prices won't be ridiculous, such as 5€ for sending an SMS.

Sources: Engadget and BBC News

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