Thursday, October 11, 2007

McDonald's and Free WiFi: a dangerous combination

If the United Kingdom government was thinking about implementing strong measures against obesity and related problems, I think they've just lost the war.

All McDonald's restaurants in the UK will be offering Free WiFi to their costumers, thus turning into the country's largest free wireless internet provider.

No news as to when this will actually happen, but rest assure their kids won't get any slimmer soon.

EDIT 1: After Carlos Serrão pointed out that in Portugal, McDonald's restaurants are also offering free WiFi, I went check it out on McDonald's Portuguese site and it's true. Why wasn't this on the news?

EDIT 2: Indeed it's on the news: Portuguese McDonald's is the pioneer in offering free WiFi access to its costumers (in Portuguese only so far).

Source: Engadget


Carlos Serrao said...

For how long don't you go to a portuguese McDonald's restaurant?
They have been offering free Wi-Fi for some time now.
So, your comment on british kids also apply to portuguese ones.
The difference... i still haven't seen anyone from portuguese government questioning this measures.
The good thing... when you need Internet fast, you just need to drive to a McDonald's restaurant park, and connect to the Internet for free.

António Lopes said...

I had no idea. That's a disaster for Portugal:
Teenagers + BigMacs + MSN + Free Internet = No more lunches in school.

Célia Jordão Alves said...

É... concordo contigo António. E estás a esquecer-te de juntar a essa combinação o novo programa do ministério da educação de "dar" computadores aos estudantes do ensino secundário...