Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Firefox 3 to have that "native" look

Mozilla is aiming to make Firefox 3 very native-friendly, when it comes to visual integration, as users will be able to have Firefox integrated with the look of their own operating system.

Fitting in to the visual appearance of the native operating system may seem like a reasonably obvious decision, but it certainly isn’t one that every cross-platform application or windowing toolkit makes. And you can easily understand why: this means extra work for developing different versions of the software to fit different operating systems' visual aspects.

In some environments this is not an easy task. In Windows XP, Vista and Max OS X it's easy to create a visual appearance that will be apreciated by (most of) all users of those operating systems. But what about Linux? With so many different distributions, which look should be used for Firefox?

Anyway, it's good to see that Mozilla is working to satisfy most users and make them feel at home with their excellent browsing experience.

Can't wait for version 3 :-)

Source: Mozilla's Alex Faaborg

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