Tuesday, October 16, 2007

When you work too much on a computer...

...this is what you get. For the last 3 months I've been reading a lot of research papers to make a state of the art review of work in my PhD research area. Almost 99% of these papers are in PDF format and I read them directly on the computer, basically because it is a lot easier to organise the reading this way and also to have a clean desk.

When I had to read one in real paper and needed to search for a specific term that would appear on the text, I stood for at least 5 seconds pressing the CTRL+F keys on the computer and wondering why no search box would appear on the paper.

Needless to say, I had to go get some tissues to wipe my eyes to help stop the laughing that lasted for long minutes. Thankfully, no one was watching.

Because of these situations, it is important to give yourself a break every once in a while. With this in mind, a team of researchers at Tufts University has developed a head adornment which can determine when you've been overly stressed, bored or simply numb to the world around you when using your computer.

This karate kid-like headband monitors brain blood flow and judges how intense one's workload is. Depending on the measures, this gadget can advice you to get some rest or to really just drop off the Internet and start working :-)

And what about you? How do you deal with too much computer time? What are you suggestions for anti-RSI?

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