Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Smile" for the picture

Don't you hate when people ask you to smile for a picture and then they take around 5-7 seconds to actually take the picture? After 1 or 2 seconds your smile will already look fake.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a camera that could take a picture exactly when you are smiling? Well, that was exactly what Sony did with its new model Cybershot DSC-T200, equipped with "smile shutter". Whenever Face Detection finds a face, this "smile shutter" mode can spot a smile. Simply activate Smile Shutter, and the camera takes a picture automatically.

To detect the different degrees of smiles by subject, you can even set the smile level sensitivity to “high” (to detect a faint smile), “medium” (for a normal smile), or “low” (for a hearty laugh). If there are several subjects in the frame, you can use the touch screen to specify the smiling face you want to take as the main subject.

This is excellent for those parents who want a picture of their baby smiling but he/she only does it for a brief second, which makes it very difficult to catch.

Check out the demo video:

Source: Walyou

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