Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nokia S60: the iPhone's evil twin

Nokia is not ashamed to say that Apple has done a great job and that the iPhone is a brilliant piece of technology. That is exactly why they picked the best of the iPhone and lift it up a notch (like for example adding a stylus for when the interface is not suitable enough for the fingers to be used).

Check out the demo video below:


Carlos Serrao said...

This is old news...
It appeared almost instantaneously after the iPhone announcement. But in my opinion it is so weak when compared with the iPhone.
Imagine, everything you do with your fingers in iPhone, you need a stylus in this S60.
It has a major drawback - it is still based on Symbian.

António Lopes said...

That's not what the video shows. In theory you can use your finger with most of the interface options. The stylus helps you with the menus that are too small to use a finger.

At least it solves the complaints from iPhone users that are not satisfied with its virtual keyboard, which is very error-prone due to very small letter keys.

On one hand, if only Nokia could create a dignified iPod alternative...this Nokia S60 could actually have a chance to "fight" the iPhone.

On the other hand, Nokia is already one step ahead when it comes to its "openess" to third-party apps. Not only Symbian is already a well-known and wide-spread mobile platform for 3rd-party apps developers, as Nokia is already planning to launch a special S60 multi-touch interface SDK for developers to use.